SLOP SINK @ LEATHERFEST 2013 @ Leather Archives Museum October 27, 2013

Jakob: Guitar & Vocals
Avi: Drums & Vocals
Selma: Bass & Vocals
Baylie: Guitar & Vocals

How did SLOP SINK form?

Jakob: Baylie and I have been playing music together for a few years. This past April we finally decided that we wanted to start a punk band. We've been friends with Avi and Selma for a while, and they are amazing musicians, so we asked them to be a part of SLOP SINK! Avi actually taught himself how to play drums for this band!
Selma: I got a message from Jakob one day asking me if I wanted to be in a band with him Baylie and Avi. Of course I said yes. Or I actually probably said "DUH"!
Baylie: it started about three years ago when Jakob and I recorded a song onto a tape deck in 2011. We stayed up all night with a pair of drumsticks, half a guitar and a lot of beer. Fast forward a couple of years and Jakob asked me if i wanted to start a band and I said yes and we talked about who we might want to play music with. Obviously we picked the best people ever.
Avi: I got a message from Jakob asking if I wanted to be in a punk band with Baylie, Selma, and Jakob. I think I said, "Sure! But what would I play?" It was suggested that I could play drums. So, I started learning how to play drums. Not only do I get to be in a band with Jakob and Baylie, but Selma and I finally get to be in band together after being friends for 19 years!!!!!

Your first two singles are about Los Angeles and Chicago Š is this city-themed singles something we will be hearing more of?

Jakob: Ha! I would say that I'm personally pretty moved and inspired by place, so we'll see! I can tell you that we are not going to go the Sufjan Stevens route, but we are interested in cities and places that we call home, that bring out the best and worst in us.
Selma: Two of my favorite cities! Maybe I'll try to write a song about Brooklyn. Just what the world needs...more songs about NYC.
Baylie: Um. If you are asking if there will be more songs about Chicago then yes. There will never be enough songs about Chicago.
Avi: I think we write music informed by our experiences, so there will definitely be more songs infused with Chicago, the Midwest, and other spaces, experiences, and locations.

Tell us about Leatherfest 2013.

Jakob: I am the Archivist/Collections Librarian at the Leather Archives & Museum, and I wanted to throw a fundraiser for the LA&M that is a little bit different than anything that has happened in the Etienne auditorium before. LEATHERFEST 2013 is a benefit for the Leather Archives & Museum, a library, museum and archives dedicated to Leather, fetishism, sadomasochism, and alternative sexual practices. The LA&M began as an idea in 1991, became a storefront in 1995, and is now located in a 10,000 square foot building in the Rogers Park neighborhood of Chicago. There are many exciting projects that the LA&M is trying to get funded right now, and we would like to raise money for their operating budget so they can get those projects off the ground! To learn more about the LA&M, visit their website at LEATHER ARCHIVES . All money collected at the door and for the raffle will benefit the LA&M. The event is 21+ and $20 at the door, which includes access to 5 bands, beer, bootblacking, and 1 raffle ticket courtesy of the LA&M. The amazingly talented Leslie J. Anderson, International Ms. Bootblack 1999 and Leather preservationist, graciously donating her bootblacking services during the event! The bands that are playing are: SLOP SINK, The Columbines, Whales, You Fucking Oughta Know, and Absolutely Not!
Baylie: All I can tell you is that IÕm so fucking excited for it!
Avi: So excited for Leatherfest!

Do you have any band goals?

Jakob: We want to record a record and do a mini Midwest tour this winter!
Selma: Definitely planning on making a record. Like a real one with grooves and everything.
Baylie: We definitely want to write more songs, make a record and tour. We are planning some regional tours for next year - watch out!
Avi: We want to write more songs, record them, and then play them for everyone!!!






fire 9
FIRE 9 @ Local Music Showcase @ Parlour Sept 28th, 2013

BFM: How did Fire 9 get started?

CL: Well, me and our bass player Dave used to be in a queer rock band called The Recruitment - for about a year and a half, or so. We went to South By Southwest. It was awesome! It was an amazing experience. We played a queer festival - Y'all or Nothing - a Queer As Fuck showcase - as they were calling it - yeah it was awesome. We recorded an EP called 'Taste This Rainbow' - you know, cause we were promoting queerness, and togetherness in the queer community, and we wanted to keep that going. The Recruitment broke up, but me and Dave wanted to keep that same high energy vibe going, with maybe something a little stronger, meatier. We happened to know of our lovely drummer Naydja, a fellow musician-friend of ours, and we got hooked up. She jumped right in, and we just took off from there. It's been a beautiful marriage ever since!

BFM: I know you're a brand new band, but do you have any recordings?

CL: Not yet with Fire 9 but we are planning to do that soon. We just started our Facebook - we're getting back into it. Hopefully in the next month or two we'll have some brand new recordings, and maybe some t-shirts and buttons - all the nice little shwag that people like!

BFM: For this particular band, what would you say that your musical influences would be?

CL: Well I grew up very much like a little riot grrl. Some of these songs are over fifteen years old. Half the set you heard is that old - so really I grew up with punk. I was inspired by my older sisters' music, and they listened to a lot of metal. My oldest sister, who is fourteen years older than me, was obsessed with KISS , so I was hearing KISS from when I was 3-4 years old. Later on, I heard all of the 90's metal. When I was a teenager, I kinda went away from that, and went into the punky girl thing. But I find I'm coming back to those metal roots. I really do love a lot of the new metal out there, so I wanna bring a nice little mix of metal and punk, and still have the riot grrl strength with a nice chunky heavy metal sound. I think we've been really happy with what has happened - we're very proud of it. It's especially fun to hear these old songs come to life in a new day and age. - be brought to life with Dave and Naydja - the rhythm section just killin' it - so it's been so much fun!

BFM: Do you have any upcoming shows?

CL: Not yet, but we're hoping to book a Cake Chicago show very soon - Ripley Caine's show at the Red Line Tap. Hopefully in the next month or so. We try to spread things out. We have a lot of friends in the underground punk basement scene, so we're trying to stay within that scene, but not just be boxed into that either. You might not necessarily listen to punk, or metal, or like riot grrl, but you just wanna have fun and hear some fun rock & roll. So we just wanna spread our wings and reach everyone!

BFM: Thank you so much Cheryl for talking with us.

CF: Thank you!!

fire 9

Fire 9 is
Cheryl Lawson - guitar & vocals
Dave Wellman - bass & vocals
Naydja Bruton - drums & vocals

fire 9