ROY KINSEY - Beautiful Only

    ROY KINSEY has a rap style that exudes confidence, and yet there's a vulnerability there that's the real draw into his music. This is the title track from his latest release, and it gives you more of all that is ROY KINSEY.


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    SLOP SINK - Los Angeles (demo)

    SLOP SINK's first release (and they specify, it's a demo version) is a good example of their wall-of-punk sound, and although it does give the impression of that "one microphone/very-far-away" recording style, the song itself captures the urgency that makes SLOP SINK the great punk band they are. Makes you yearn for the official release.

DROW FLOW - Down Here

Although DROW FLOW's track is a "tribute" to Nashville (she's a recent transplant to Chicago), it's a great introduction to the polished, thick sound that is DROW FLOW. There's no doubt she lives up to her monicker - she's got an unmistakeable flow to her rhymes. Will stick in your head.


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+ - rara (do you)

+ has an amazing way of building tension - both with his signature all-over-the-map rap style and his ingenious track production. Built on a jarring Michael Jackson vocal burst sample, this is +'s best track to date - a song both terrifyting and seductive. Grab it!